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Donate a Book – Tributes and Memorials

$25 – Adopt a Book  (Unlimited)

Celebrate a special occasion, pay tribute to a friend, or memorialize a loved one by giving a Tribute or Memorial Gift to the Library. For each $25.00 donation, a book (or audiovisual item) will be purchased for the library. Each item purchased will contain a gift plate with your name as the donor and the name of the person honored (see sample image). You can choose the format, age range, and subject of the item purchased.  You can also determine which library location is to receive the gift.  

Simply complete a Tribute and Memorial Gift form and mail it to the address on the form along with your check (made payable to Northwest Regional Library System) or deliver it in person to any library location.  Although we cannot guarantee the purchase of a specific title, every effort will be made to purchase material in the subject area and/or format requested. Selections will be made by Library staff in accordance with materials selection policies and based upon the needs of the library designated. 

The Tribute and Memorial Gift form is also available in all library locations.

Sample Gift Plate – The Library location at the top will match the location you choose.

Download Donation Form